Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to feel like a bad mommy

Miss the big Easter egg hunt by 2 minutes! We got there at 11:05 and ran up just as the kids were all walking back from the field with their goodies. Ellie didn't understand but Mary Clare was sobbing. We had gone to confession and then I made a quick run into the house for water, a bag for a dirty cloth diaper, and a cereal bar. That made us miss it.

Some very sweet little boys came up and started putting eggs in the girls' baskets. So sweet! And they had a wonderful afternoon with NeNe and PaPa! I'll have to redeem myself at the parish egg hunt next weekend.

Girls with their baskets afterwards. They got over the disappointment when they started opening the eggs!

So happy at the park!

My mom and dad

Me and my mommy :)

Playing at the house afterwards

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Josie said...

Don't worry Blair. Our hunt was at the church was at 10 am and it literally took me all morning to get ready to go. I woke up at 7:00. How can that be? And I was still 30 minutes late. I didn't miss it but only because I lucked out and wasn't the only one. I'm glad your girls were good sports about it.

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