Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jumping back in!

After almost 3 weeks of sickness, spending our long days at home, we are back into the game again! We had a great Valentine's Day and then a quiet Friday. This weekend we spent Saturday furniture shopping again (to no avail!), and had a fun trip to IKEA. On Sunday we got together with our homeschool group to help prepare a big welcome home for baby Khloe and her family! Here are some pictures...

Decorating banners in our friends' garage:

Daddies with babies

Steven squared

My sweet baby boy

Yesterday we got together with a few other moms and kids to finish filling balloons. Then a couple of the moms went to decorate the yard while we held fort watching kids at the park. Here's how it turned out! A big "WELCOME HOME TO KHLOE JULIA!"

We have a busy week ahead of us! But this morning is a quiet one at home. I woke up today with a bedful of children and just sat there thanking God for this wonderful life. With the sun shining in, my baby grinning and cooing at me, and the girls thrilled that Mommy agreed to make pancakes, we started off on a good foot and hopefully the rest of the day will follow suit! Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday too!


B-Mama said...

That little Steven Joseph is an adorable munch! He's so cute!! Wonderful to hear that Khloe is coming home...

Lindsey said...

HEY! Did you just get that purple kids chair at IKEA?! They have only had red, blue, and green in the past. We have one of each but will eventually need another chair to accomodate child #4 (of course the dd would be happy to take the purple instead of green). So, are my eyes deceiving me??? Do they really have a new chair color?

Lindsey said...

And now I finished reading your post...:) Have a wonderful day in this beautiful weather with your sweet, precious, HEALTHY (yay!) children!

Blair said...

L-we weren't at my house in the picture. But I'll ask my friend Christina about the chairs! We only bought some plastic kids' plates, cups, etc.

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