Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Illness updates

Sweet Khloe made it safely through her surgery without any complications. Today there is a concern with her kidney function, so please keep that intention in your prayers.

Here she is on the day she was born, before they knew there was a major heart condition:

My sweet kiddos are still a bit under the weather. Ellie just has a runny nose, but MC and SJ both have pretty bad coughs. We went back to the doctor today to make sure it's not anything major. We have some medicine that should help MC when she has her late night coughing sprees, thanks be to God! Hopefully they will be well in time for their big homeschool Valentines party on Thursday! Thanks for your prayers and well wishes...we're hoping this flu bug will leave our family very soon...

(The kids after mass on Sunday, girls in their matching dresses from Aunt Marilyn and Steven Joseph sleeping soundly)


Anonymous said...
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Amy Parris said...

So glad to hear all went well. With this little one ready to burst from my belly any day, it helps bring to mind other babies and their families who need prayers.

Hope your party is fun and full of good health for you and yours.

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