Thursday, December 21, 2017

Fall Memories Part 1

Catching up on the blog today, with some memories from early fall. Nothing big and spectacular happened, just lots of little joys amidst the regular days!

Kate and her little friend MM after ballet

I can't NOT take a photo after he eats spaghetti!

Working on pouring in the Montessori Atrium during Sunday school

Reading about little Therese

The boys loved National Night Out at our city park

Typical morning snuggling both my babies

He loves to ride the plasma car with Ellie

The boys made an Astros playoff game. Such an exciting season for Astros fans!

Teaching him some words before ballet

Those chubby hands!

Our favorite date night spot these days, Hubbel and Hudson.
He especially likes the wine choices!

Trying to practice her piano surrounded by chaos

My map-lover and his little sis

He was so excited to put Peter in this Aggie jacket

The girls went to the MOTSY March (March of the Surviving Youth), 
a pro-life prayer march around Planned Parenthood

Pumpkin patch at church

Boys digging for prizes in the straw with church buddies

Love him.

Finally moved the swingset to our new house after 2yrs!

And a little snapshot of our 4-H meetings these days,
totally led by the girls!

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