Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Five

Our good friends who moved out to east Texas in December are staying overnight with their 7 kiddos this weekend! We are super excited and have a super big job ahead of us to get the house ready! We have friends over at least once a week and are pretty good at doing a quick blitz, but it's time again to organize the playroom, pick up Legos, scrub the bathrooms, and wash bedding. So tomorrow I'll probably be on Instagram Video documenting our progress to help motivate us!

Growing babies
Peter is now 12wks and Katie Grace turned 3 last weekend (next up on the blog!). Today I finally got bins from the attic and went through some 3-6 month and 3T/4T clothes. Now they just need to be sorted and organized! We have a serious clothing problem...too many clothes and not a good laundry system! Everyone just digs out of overflowing laundry baskets in their closets (or the back hallway for the boys). I've got to figure out a plan for this situation!

To Do
Normally I don't have too big a list...just homeschooling and housekeeping and making sure the kids get to their activities and the bills get paid. I have had some extra little things to get done this week though! We had to register for swim team for the boys and the county fair for the girls. And I must sit down with the hospital bills from Peter's birth, get them paid, and make sure we haven't been overcharged. I also have an online clothing exchange to do, a price adjusting with coupons for new knives Steven bought, and grocery shopping for the weekend! Oh and cleaning the whole house; that's all!!!

New Car
Steven's Suburban did him well. He had it about 6 years and put many, many miles on it. It was at 300,000 miles and was dying a slow death, which could've happened at any moment. So this week he finally found a used Tahoe that had what he was looking for. We are grateful for our big NV van but also happy to have a "smaller" car for his long commutes and road trips, and maybe for my own zipping around suburbia on the evenings and weekends!

Nineveh 90 and Lent
I've been working on getting back into a prayer routine as the Nineveh 90 campaign began. I'm trying to follow my phone alarms for prayer throughout the day, sometimes with the kids, and sometimes on Instagram Video or Live to pray with others. I want to get back into the habits of morning and night prayer, as well as the noon Angelus and 3pm Chaplet, and a Rosary decade too. As Lent starts next week, I hope to have even more motivation to do this, and also to work on my health with better eating and exercise. I'm praying for the grace to persevere because I can't do it on my own!

I hope to get our computer issues fixed soon so we can load photos and blog more easily! (I'll add pics later) Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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