Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's Baby Day!

Well, it's past midnight and I'm scheduled for an 8:30am delivery of our baby boy in the morning! We really thought he'd be joining us before Thanksgiving, but he had other plans and has been pretty happy inside. I, on the other hand, have been quite uncomfortable with all the contractions and the anxiety of wondering when he was going to arrive. He looked big and ready on the ultrasound this morning (Monday), so my doctor felt comfortable moving things up a few days. I'm incredibly nervous and not sure if I'll sleep tonight, but am grateful for all of the prayers being lifted for me and the baby!

Our holiday week was a fun one, and it was nice that I didn't have to be on bed rest anymore. We hosted my parents and Steven's side of the family (about 28 people) for a Thanksgiving celebration on Friday, so we spent a lot of Wednesday and Thursday preparing. We saw the new Disney movie "Moana" on Thanksgiving Day, and we did a bit of shopping over the past week with fall clothes for the girls and some Christmas crafts. We've yet to get out our Advent and Christmas decorations, but the crew might get a head start on that while I'm in the hospital. We had a few little sniffles, but overall enjoyed the cooler weather, the time without having homeschooling to do, and being able to look forward to the new baby's arrival!

I was disappointed to not deliver last Monday after a long morning of contractions, but was glad to be able to snuggle little Katie when she wasn't feeling well.

Some of the cleaning craziness...wiping the ceiling fans, vacuuming the couches, oh and me at the hospital for one of my non-stress tests.

Mary Clare selfie by the Moana advertisement

Me with the big kids at the movies while Daddy rested at home with Katie

We finally got these little shelves painted (thanks, MC) so we'd have a nice spot for the Chatbooks in the living room. I also rearranged the living room gallery wall and like it much better!

My one phone shot of Thanksgiving as everyone was digging in to the buffet! It was sure yummy! Steven roasted a big turkey and smoked a brisket, Mary Clare did a ton of baking (pie, cookies, rolls), and the family brought the rest!

MC took this shot of us hanging out in the garage since it was such a nice day!

Tommy has now lost his two front teeth, and another lower one today! That makes SIX lost teeth for the 6yr old!

On Saturday we ran some errands and Steven told the kids he'd take them to walk around the mall while I rested in the car with Katie napping. Well, she woke up too quickly, so I had to go in with her. We enjoyed a few minutes at Pottery Barn Kids, and it brought back memories of biking to the mall with toddler Mary Clare to let her play when Ellie was in-the-belly!

And last but not least, I went to the local LifeTeen mass on Sunday night since I wasn't up for going across town with everyone else that morning. I was excited that they were having a healing and anointing service after mass, so I got to receive the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. Such a grace. May it give me the strength, courage, and healing I will need in the coming days... 

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