Thursday, October 20, 2016

Beach Trip October 2016

We had a fun weekend with some friends at the beach celebrating Steven's 40th birthday! I have some snapshots of the festivities, but first I'll share the good beach photos from my camera. It's been so long I forgot how to use the right settings on my camera, but I think we still captured some sweet moments.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and got right down to business on the beach!

Fun to have the cart to ride back and forth to the house!

This kid doesn't stop moving!

The teens

On Day 2, my camera was fogged up and I couldn't get it to focus.
So these are from the last day, Sunday.

A fun time was had by all! Katie wasn't crazy about the sand, and I wasn't feeling up to much activity, so we hung out in the beach house a lot. But it was nice to be surrounded by our friends and to have some time away from home at our last little getaway before the baby arrives!

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