Monday, May 23, 2016

Other Springtime Happenings

At the very end of March, my parents moved into our old house. My mom decorates so beautifully!

Sometimes you just need a Monday lunch date at Luby's!

Thomas was so excited to start swim team in early April! They had some "dry land practice" before starting actual swimming.

Girls watching the boys at swim team dry land practice

Steven's mom was honored at a special lunch in Houston. The girls and I drove down to attend!

Mary Clare took some photos at the first communion mass at our church.

We prepared to say goodbye to our minivan.

Girls watching swim practice

I came out of Hobby Lobby to find these three cutie pies!

A typical dinner night with a "round table" game.

My dad was in the hospital and I'm sure he enjoyed these crazy visitors!

Ellie practicing piano

Playdough one weekday morning

My new ride!

The kids are SO happy to have more space!

First swim meet

Thomas getting ready for his one event, 25m freestyle!

The 4-H Roundup had a pinewood derby that the boys loved!

The food challenge girls were thrilled to win another contest.

1st place for the Sugar and Spice Chefs!

And a very special first communion day for our goddaughter Cecilia!

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