Sunday, April 10, 2016

County Fair 2016

Aside from the Food Challenge, the County Fair is probably the 2nd most enjoyable 4-H event for my girls. We participated in two of them in Corpus Christi, but this is the first time they've entered the one back home. We were ambitious with nine entries! Mary Clare entered 5 events and Ellie entered 4.

Even though I always say we will work throughout the year and not wait until the last minute, there we were at 1:30am finishing up! There were catastrophes and tears and last minute runs to the store. It was quite chaotic! Then we had to drop the items off by 9:30am at the fair and wait until 2pm for the awards to be announced. It was a long morning of waiting and then waiting in a long line to get in and see how they did!

Our 4-H club did a really good job for everyone's first time to enter the fair! Our team is young, and there are no age divisions, so the 3rd graders compete against 12th graders. We had quite a few blue ribbons and even some Honorable Mentions (Top 20). Ellie actually got a slot in the Top 10 in Handicrafts for her handmade clay rosary! This put her in the running for the Top 5, which are auctioned off for thousands of dollars. She had to do an interview which required sitting in the exhibit hall for almost 2 hours (the other kids played on their phones), until her name was called. We had to wait for her outside the hall, mostly sitting on concrete, until she finally finished and we could go home. Next time we will remember snacks and lawn chairs! Steven took her back for the final awards at 8:30pm. She earned 9th place which made us so proud! She was competing against high schoolers who made things like huge wooden furniture projects.

Mary Clare made a beautiful US quilt which I really thought would at least make Top 20. But the competition at this event was fierce, and we know that whether the kids were recognized for their projects or not, they should be proud of their hard work and creativity!

Here are their entries:

Ellie's award winning rosary

Crayon Mosaic

Lemon Loaf

and her Photography entry 

Mary Clare's incredible US Quilt!

Little House peg dolls

Cheesecake Sopapilla Bars

And her two photography entries

So proud of these girls and all of our club!!!!

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