Friday, March 04, 2016

A morning in the life...

I only made it through half the day, but here's a little snapshot of a morning in the life of our crazy crew!

This week we had an extra member of our family, our friends' Great Dane, Velvet!

A calm and sweet morning moment...NOT! I think she got shot by a nerf dart.

We were reading and reciting their poems and he took the poetry book off to look at it. 

Some cereal for the one who didn't like the breakfast plans

"Puff Pancake" (Dutch Baby)
Oven to 400, grease pan (I usually use one 9x12 glass casserole dish) 
Place about 3T of butter to melt in pan in the oven
Mix 6 eggs, 1c flour, 1 heaping cup milk
Pour batter into hot pans once the butter is melted and sizzling
Bake for about 20 minutes!


Leave a nice mess for mom! :-/

This year, MC usually does schoolwork in her room and Ellie usually closes herself into the schoolroom. Here's Ellie hard at work! They both also had online courses this day, which they do on the laptop in their rooms.

Katie's "work" this morning, putting all her baby dolls to sleep!

Piano time!

I think she was looking up something for a 4-H project.

Gotta keep it real here. I can never stay on top of the laundry. This is all clean clothes in our closet. Every day I say I'm going to tackle this, but even if I do, it's usually one or two baskets that are immediately filled with more clean laundry! We also need a dresser for Katie. Her clothes have resided in laundry baskets her whole life!

Time for Math with SJ. You can tell he's very focused on the task at hand.

Finally getting to work, and somebody else has joined on my lap!

Doing her own schoolwork! She was scribbling and kept saying "S!"

Trying on big sister's boots for the rodeo!

Now that the morning is almost over, I guess it's time to fix our hair!

Somebody else has taken over the laptop and my bed! She was listening to her history book on Hoopla (audio recordings through the library).

The little ones hard at play

Once Katie falls asleep for her nap, it's rollerblading time for SJ and me!

There was some kind of airplane simulator set up in the schoolroom under the table!

And we ended the morning decorating some candles with the Stations of the Cross images.

The next day would be a park day, praying the Stations with our homeschooling group.

And...that was our morning. The afternoon included more schoolwork and some house cleaning, followed by an evening at ballet class. Maybe another day I'll document a second half of the day!

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