Sunday, January 10, 2016

Aloha! Mary Clare's 13th Birthday Luau!

13 year-olds are great! They know what they want for their party, can find ideas on Pinterest, and carry them out! All I had to do was take them to Party City and HEB, help with cleaning up, hang some of the high streamers, and order pizza! 

She and Ellie did all of the baking and decorating, and she had a fun party just hanging out with her friends, plus a little hula dancing thanks to her mom...and some watching of old home movies. They made little beach cupcakes, fruit kabobs, snickerdoodle sand dollar cookies, and flip flop nutterbutter cookies, plus had some pizza and soda! It was a fun afternoon celebrating a fun girl!

And the lights literally go out on her little-girlhood!
We have a teenager in the house!

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