Monday, May 11, 2015


It's the only thing I ever really wanted to be. And to look at my amazing husband and our five beautiful children makes my heart burst for joy, in gratefulness that I've been given such a gift. 

Both Steven and I were graced with the gift of loving, faithful mothers. To grow up in a happy family is a blessing that we don't take for granted. On this Mother's Day weekend, we thanked God for the gift of our mothers. May they both be rewarded for the sacrificial love they have given their husbands and children. 

I have so many more words and photos that I can't seem to find the time to share. For now I'll just bask in the sunlight and waves, at the quiet beach house where we're spending a few days away. I'll share some phone snapshots from the past couple weeks. More photos from the good camera will be forthcoming, once I'm home on the big computer!

Each of these memories I hold close to my heart. Our days have been very full, very busy, and very rewarding! But they've also been so very exhausting! I pray that God gives us the energy for many more years of memories and love with these amazing children!

Mary Clare leading "Food Jeopardy" at 4H

Katie's first time at a splash pad 

First neighborhood swim of the season

Katie at a baseball game with her "happy heart" shirt 

Praying over our sweet friend Johanna the night before her confirmation

Steven and his dad at the beach house last weekend

The kids love the beach!

Baby girl at sunset

PiƱata at Uncle Winn's 50th birthday

Swim practice

Practice meet

Beach time!

Playing in the waves with NeNe

Oh to have a soaking tub again!

Monday morning, ready to play in the sand!

Monday afternoon, playing in the rain!

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Lauren said...

Happy Mother's Day, sweet Blair!

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