Monday, March 02, 2015

7 Quick Takes...a Flooded February

February has been "flooded" with all kinds of activities, sickness, and even some literal little bathroom/bedroom floods! Here goes...

Baseball Boys!!!
If I totally lose my sanity in the coming months it is partially due to the fact that we have two boys playing Little League baseball with practices and games at different hours of different days every week. It's just a little bit CRAZY! Steven had his first game on Wednesday night (hit a triple, a double, made an out while playing first base, and got the game ball!), and it was FREEZING cold. Well I think it was low 40s, but in Texas that is COLD! Both boys are playing great and having lots of fun and I even have a nice "system" going on where I threaten that they'll miss baseball if they don't do xyz. It's working well!

Going to his first practice! This is his first sport to do on his own!

After the opening ceremonies

Some videos of their first hits at their first games!

Birthday Baby!
Well, I can't say much about this because it'll make me cry, but my baby turned one on the 19th! Here's a slideshow of her first year, and a bunch of pictures of the big day!

Enjoying her cupcake

And here's a video of when we sang to her

I started a 4-H club for our homeschool group (and other people in our community who want to join). Our paperwork finally went through and now we are official! We had our first meeting and talked about some upcoming contests that the kids can enter. Of course the big district contest happens to be on the same weekend of the girls' ballet exams and ending events of the baseball season. I kind of feel like I'm in over my head and am hoping it's not too much for me! But our group is starting late into the year and so there's really only this one group of contests, plus the meetings and hopefully a service project. So far, so good.  We'll have about 20-30 kids participating! My friend who is helping head up the group led some team building games at the first meeting.

I've been wanting to share photos of our backyard, since that's the one place we've been able to spruce up a little bit. We got a used swing set, a picnic table, and put up a new fence. I still don't feel it's quite done, so hopefully I'll have some better photos this summer.  But for now, I'll just add these pics with toys and junk everywhere, because that's what it usually looks like. Recently it has been filled with a bunch of rain and chilly weather too, so we haven't used it much. Can't wait for Spring!!!

Floods and other house fun
The backyard is looking good, but we've had a few indoor problems. We had a busted pipe under my sink in the master bathroom a couple weeks ago which flooded the bathroom and caused us to pull up and air out some of the carpet in the master bedroom. Just when we thought everything was dried up and we laid the carpet back down, there was another flood while our housekeeper was cleaning last week. This time it flooded even more and now our bedroom is all a mess with furniture and things all over the place. This is making our bathroom work seem even more urgent. We also had sitting water in one of the other bedrooms for a few weeks before we realized it was a plumbing problem with the seal on the toilet. So that's three floods in 2015! For now though, everything is dry and hopefully we will be starting plans for major repairs very soon!

Today Steven replaced the handle and lock on our front door! This is something that has been sticking for years and the door was getting very tricky to open. It's nice to have something new in the house and know that we can easily open and close the door! Yay for baby steps on the house updates!

This week we had our first homeschool field trip in quite awhile! The Downtown Aquarium has a special winter deal for field trips, and the kids had a blast. Steven was even able to come over and meet us for a little bit. I forgot my good camera, but here are some snapshots.

Other fun February moments...
I'll share a few other snapshots from the month since it's taken me four days to write this post and now the month is over!

Instagram snapshots:

Yummy cupcakes I got as a sweet gift for my birthday and we ate on Fat Tuesday!

Big girl loves the mirror

Mary Clare made sewing packets to make little bookmarks with her friends last weekend

My two oldest friends. Elizabeth and Melissa. They both have two boys, but now Melissa is having a baby girl, and she had a baby shower last weekend.

Went to their godbrother's baseball tournament last weekend. There was an upper deck to watch that the boys loved!

Always chaos at their piano lessons. Glad the teacher has seven children plus grandchildren herself, so I know she understands :)

Just a Friday morning. Playing with Little People and avoiding schoolwork as usual.

And some shots from visiting with Steven's dad last weekend...


Bridget said...

Sounds like a fun month (minus flooding)! I had to comment when I saw your older girl playing with Little People. My oldest daughter will be 11 and still plays with them as well. I love that she does (except when she should be doing schoolwork as well) as it keeps her innocent and creative during these "tween" years (love homeschooling for that)!

Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

I'm sorry to hear how your house got drenched by so much water. That is rather worrying. I just hope that all of that has been dealt with by this point and that you have been staying dry and well. All the best!

Sharon Strock @ Storm Chambers

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