Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thomas' Birthday Photos

Here are some snapshots of his special day out at the farm...

The night before

Early morning mass at their little German painted church.
Everyone looks half asleep!

After mass.  Happy boy!

He fell asleep on the Gator and got a nice little nap before the celebration

And then he got woken up to see the cupcakes made by NeNe and his presents...

He loves the Rescue Bots!

Singing practice

 Daddy lights the candles

Happy Birthday to You!

An adorable farm wallet sewed by Ellie!

And an Aggie backpack with a toy Gator

Plus lots of farm toys and Transformers from us and from NeNe and PaPa

Scarfing down those mini cupcakes!

And loving those toys!

Happy Birthday, Thomas William!

Glad you got to have such a fun day at the farm!

A special outing to Chuck E Cheese late on Wednesday night for a final celebration!

A fun birthday week for our big four year-old!

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