Wednesday, April 23, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Easter Weekend Edition

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 (photo heavy) Memories of our quiet family Easter weekend.
We were "unplugged" from electronics and didn't go "home" for the first time.

A hike at the National Seashore on Good Friday morning. The baby is on Steven's back in the Ergo carrier!


Easter preparations and celebrations!

{funny and real}
It was windy and a little chilly at the beach on Easter Sunday evening. So I stayed in the car and then in the Suburban trunk with the baby!

Steven took this from his seat.

And I took these out the back window hatch while cozied-up with the fussy baby in the trunk!

Went to an ice cream parlor afterwards...

A fun family weekend. Happy Easter to all! He is risen!


Adele said...

What beautiful pictures! There's something so peaceful about the seashore. And your baby is hiding in that Ergo! :-)

mel said...

Hi, visiting from LMLD. The beach on Easter! Not jealous *at all*. :) Beautiful kiddos, we have a Mary Claire too. Happy Easter!

Jen said...

I am absolutely drooling over your photos from your walk and at the beach. We are still covered in snow and bathing suits outdoors are just a distant dream at the moment.
What a beautiful family Easter photo!

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