Thursday, November 03, 2011

All Saints' Day Festival 2011

Marching into the annual All Saints Day Party!
So excited!

 Little guy was dwarfed a bit by his habit; it'll fit much better next year!
He was a little St. Joseph with his hammer

 Ellie as St. Maria Goretti

 Steven as St. George, on his horse and ready to fight a dragon!

Mary Clare as St. Therese the Little Flower.
I didn't quite get the appropriate brown habit made.  Oh well.

 The saint parade begins!

 Daddy and Tommy


St. Anthony's Lost and Found

Make a Bouquet for Mary

Sewing with St. Anne

All Souls Chapel

St. Patrick's Shamrocks

All Saints Bingo

Knock Down the 7 Deadly Sins Pinata

St. John Bosco Bouncy Castle

St. Sebastian Bowling

and top it off with a yummy potluck dinner!
Some real Dominican Sisters even came (see right)

And my sweet boy, sans costume, dipping a stick in the dirt and eating it.
Loving our night at the farm!!!

Another fun time celebrating the saints!


Neen said...

Special times. We had to miss again this year. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Even my neighbors, the sisters look to be having fun. That really is a special event that Bread of Life has every year. I am sure you were happy to attend. Everyone is still thinking about Kelly, Natalia and Linda I am sure. I know we were/are even though we are miles away this year. I know they all will Pray for Us as we thank God for them and all the saints.

Anonymous said...

Love this post!
I have been thinking about you all and your new adventure. I pray it is going well. We have had our place on the market a week today. Nothing as for now, but I just say Jesus, I trust in you. Blessings, Catherine Anne. From Blessed Adventures

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