Sunday, October 02, 2011

Portraits by MckMama

A couple weeks ago, we found out at the last minute that Jennifer from was going to be in our area for some photo workshops and photo shoots.  We were so excited to get a slot and finally have some real family photos of all six of us!  

These are my favorites, although we're going to need to cut and paste a different head in for Mary Clare in the family shot since she is back in a shadow.  Can't wait to get some of these in frames to hang in our new home!  We are officially readying our house and have a rental sign in the front yard!  Hopefully by Thanksgiving, we'll be enjoying a new city!  May God continue to guide our steps as we seek his will for our family in all these big decisions.

1 comment:

Melissa D. said...

great shots of a beautiful family!! how fun to meet Mckmama.

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