Monday, March 14, 2011

Charity Sales

A few weeks ago Mary Clare had the idea that she, along with her friends, would spend Saturday mornings coordinating "Charity Sales." She planned out things to sell each week...lemonade, popcorn, cookies, etc. We haven't been able to coordinate with her friends, but this Saturday after visiting little Luke, the girls rushed around the house getting things together all by themselves and started their sales on the driveway!

They put out their wooden table and cash register, made powdered lemonade, and asked me to pop popcorn. Since it was already about 5pm, I encouraged them to sell the leftover cookies we had baked, instead of popping popcorn. They charged $.50 per cup of lemonade and $.75 per cookie and they made EIGHT DOLLARS! With no help from Mommy or Daddy!

I am so proud of you girls and your heart for others. Mary Clare, you were insistent on doing this, even though Mommy always wants to postpone until we have a better plan. Ellie, when your sister first thought up this idea, you were devastated. You had all kinds of ideas of how you wanted to spend your hard-earned money. But in the end, you relented and realized that giving is always so much better than receiving! And Steven Joseph, you helped right along with them!

where Tommy hung out during baking and selling!

So we will donate the $8 to the UT Mitochondrial Clinic in honor of Cooper, with some matching gifts from us and from NeNe & PaPa. Thank you for inspiring me with your kind hearts :)

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