Friday, September 14, 2007

"The best day of my whole life"

Is how Mary Clare responded after succeeding at this...
She's almost got it!

Since that one doesn't quite capture her excitement and pride (and the love for her baby brother Peter), here's another...

Her other success today was figuring out how to write the number 5 (without it looking like an S or Z)! It was an afternoon of victories, after a totally fruitless morning with nothing much accomplished at all. We were finally able to get some homeschooling done and had lots of fun playing with puzzles and the train set. Mary Clare even dictated a very long story about the train. Maybe we'll post that later.

Here's how the girls spent the evening before bedtime, dancing! Mary Clare slept in her dance clothes!

And a last biking picture because she's just so sweet! Way to go, Mary Clare!


Lillian said...

Yeah Mary Clare!! Great job!! Just don't drive into the ditch!

Colleen said...

Way to go! We got Jonathan a bike for his fifth birthday and right now he won't touch it because he fell down a few times. Bravo to Mary Clare for getting right back up and going at it again!

I'm going to show Jonathan these videos. Maybe a little competitive spirit will get him back up on his bike!

Lindsey said...

She's riding a two-wheeler? Wow, my 7yo can't (won't) even do that. Way to go MC!

B-Mama said...

Wonderful shots of such a BIG accomplishment! Great job MC! And I can't believe how alike the girls look in the middle pic. I've never noticed it before, but they're almost like twins--one blonde and the other brunette!

Anonymous said...

wow! what an accomplishment! congratulations.

don't forget the helmet!

i love your blog and i never ever ever like to criticize moms; i think they have the hardest job in the world. i just work in the healthcare field and definitely jump on the "helmet brigade" hehe.

keep the bike riding going! what fun!

Megan said...

Get thee to a store and buy that child a helmet!! Little heads and brick walls do not go well together!!!

I've got a preschooler learning to ride a two-wheeler. It's great fun to see them learning a big-kid skill, isn't?!

Blair said...

Don't worry, we've already been chastised about the helmet and the flip-flops from the family! She wore her helmet (yes we have 2), tennis shoes, and knee pads for her practice today :)

I'm usually not a stickler when she's just around the house. When we go out on the "real" street on bikes they've always got them on!

Shelly said...

How adorable. I just laughed out loud watching her ride her bike, crashing, then cheering! priceless. I'm at partyof9.blogspot - I think I just found you by "blopping" [blog hopping].

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