Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Birthday!

To Mary Clare R, our precious little friend who passed away last summer (cause still unknown) and who would have turned 3 this week. Her parents Matt and Stephanie are true examples of hope and trust to me in all the tragedy and struggles they've experienced, including family illness, the recent death of their unborn baby, and even the loss of Stephanie's grandmother today. We celebrated Mary Clare's life with dozens of families at their neighborhood park and pool this afternoon. They planted and dedicated a tree there, and at the time she was born released ladybugs and balloons with little messages for Mary Clare. Everyone brought books to donate to an area children's hospital. It was truly touching.

It's hard for me to be at events for this Mary Clare, because people are really dumbstruck when we call our own Mary Clare's name. It's like we all stop for a moment when we hear the name. And even more ironic today was that my Ellie was wearing a dress that Mary Clare had as a baby (unbeknownst to me), and with her blonde hair and little white bow she looked so much like Mary Clare R did just a year ago. But Stephanie assured me that although it's hard to see, it's a way that she's reminded that her little girl is still with her and praying for her.

It was a joyful and bittersweet celebration.

Everyone standing by her tree, getting ready to release the balloons and ladybugs:


The dozens of books to be donated:

Mary Clare enjoyed the pool!

And Ellie swings on a "big girl" swing!

Little saint Mary Clare, pray for us!
Little saint Adrian (her brother), pray for us!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute, Blair. She was a beautiful little girl.

K said...

Such a beautiful way to celebrate her life. My prayers continue to be with this family. I wish I could have seen those lady bugs take off!

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