Friday, December 15, 2006

New Blog Name

I decided to change my blog name once again! This scripture has always been the motto for our family and played a big part in our wedding Mass and reception. This year I feel especially called to imitate Mary more in my motherhood and learn to know her more in prayer. It is the motto in our family mission statement and was in the Gospel reading at our wedding Mass. I wish I could remember all the beautiful words Fr. Mike used in his homily that day.

The one part I remember was when he was describing the way that we are like those servants, bringing Christ mere water, all we have to offer. But he miraculously changes them into wine. In our marriage, we must do the him our meager offerings and allowing him to transform them into something beautiful. I have seen this already so much in the way he has continued to provide for our family's physical and spiritual needs. I know he will continue to provide throughout our life.

This is truly a time when I can see God's immense blessings in the physical aspect of our family. In our own little family as we enter into the "real world" and buy a home (we have a contract on Lillian's house!) and Steven starts his new job on Monday. In my family as several of my family members have been blessed with new employment including my brother who prepares to serve our nation in the Navy. In Steven's family with the gift of our new triplet nephews, his parents' new home, sister's new home, and a Christmas we will celebrate with the entire family present (his 6 siblings and children) .

God is very, very good. May we always seek to follow him as Our Lady requests.

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