Monday, February 13, 2012

House Blessing and Home Tour!

On Saturday night, the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, our pastor came over to bless our home!  We had two families and their five children come to share the evening with us.  We started with the blessing.  Father blessed the holy water and then gave the most beautiful prayers as we walked through the house, praying for safety and comfort, God's angels to be with us, for joy and peace in our home.  It was a wonderful gift.  Steven grilled fajitas and we had a great time visiting with our priest and our new friends!  The kids all had buddies their same ages, so we didn't see much of them either.  So grateful for the gift of this special evening!

Starting the prayers

Blessing the front door

Blessing the girls' room

and the boys' room 
(the kids LOVED getting doused with holy water!)

and the final prayers in the kitchen.

Now I'm counting on some special graces, especially in the kitchen and the schoolroom!!!
Thanks to Fr. B and to the D and R families for joining us for this special celebration!

 And since our entire home was cleaned up for the evening, here is a little home tour for all our friends and family who have yet to come and see it!


To the right from the front door--our piano room/library/sewing room with prayer altar.  Just on the other side is the schoolroom, but it's still a work in progress!
I think I'd like to find a rug and some nice pillows/bean bags for reading.  Any other ideas?  The center of the room is so vacant! 

This is the hall to the three bedrooms, on the left side of the house.

Our master bedroom.  You can kind of see the bedskirt I made last week.  I cut up a twin bedskirt (the blue and white floral) and sewed it under the white one we already had that wasn't covering sufficiently!  Our duvet doesn't look like it's covering sufficiently either, but our white pillowcases were looking so dingy that I had to cover them with the comforter; our washer doesn't seem to clean whites very well!  You can also see the pink ironing board sticking out at the bottom of the's usually on the right wall, but I moved it for the photo :)

Our master bath.  The wall colors in all these photos were looking really bright, so I tried to mellow them out.  This bathroom color still looks darker to me than it really is.

Hall bath

Boys' room.  On the sewing or shopping agenda is a comforter for the bottom bunk that doesn't have ruffles :)  His Playmobil toys are all on the top bunk.  Maybe one day we'll even paint this room a color other than the rust/orange/pink-y color!

Here's the girls' room.  We have our eyes out for some new comforters for them, too.  They've had these since MC was a toddler and we got them from a garage sale across the street from my parents' house.  I put up a bunch of the "sister" photos on their walls.

The living room

The sunroom/playroom at the back of the house, these photos were from last month.  It's rarely clean during the daylight hours and was the last thing picked up the night of the house blessing!

Here's the kitchen.  I like the open shelves for all our white dishes, and the ones facing them are also open where we keep all our glassware.

So there's our house, minus the yard and schoolroom.  I'm working on the calendar and such for the schoolroom and we're also searching for some little school desks for the girls.  Hope we'll have some more visitors here soon!


Colleen said...

Your house is lovely, Blair!

Neen said...

I so love the sunroom/playroom. How wonderful is that space. The other day while searching for shevles I saw this very cool chair that is also a book shelf. I didn't save the link but it would look great in that front room of yours.

Stephanie said...

Thank you for the tour, Blair! I love all of your pinterest ideas put into action! :-)

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